Words and content that work for you

Our Work

At Ska Content, we like words. Writing them, reading them, correcting them and creating them.  We are word geeks and grammar guerrillas with a passion for copywriting, editing and proofreading.

What We Do

We want businesses to fall in love with words to help them grow, improve and achieve their goals.

We recognise that each business is unique and has its own mission, but one aim all our clients share is a desire to grow, to reach more people and increase sales. Our words will help you do just that.

It’s all too easy to submit a sloppy report with commas and exclamation marks clogging up your message or to create slapdash social media posts. So why not let Ska Content do the pen work for you? We can tighten up your words and fine tune your grammar.

Ska Content creates bespoke writing packages for small to medium businesses, charities, individuals and corporate firms.

Whether you require engaging social media profiles, interesting website content, hilarious (or sensible) blog posts, professional brochures or an expert eye cast over an important document we aim to provide reassurance and reliability.

About us

Our lead copywriter, Sukhi Anand, is a trained journalist and bid writer with a decade of professional writing experience. Starting out as a local news reporter she then moved to the Crown Courts of London, writing front page stories about intricate frauds, gruesome murders and terror trials. She has also written for women’s magazines and is a featured blogger for Mumsnet.

Sukhi has been a technical copywriter for a global construction company, writing winning bids and marketing material. She has also been copywriting for smaller businesses over the last few years creating content for websites, brochures and managing social media profiles.

Specialising in tone of voice, Sukhi has written for business-to-business audiences as well creating client-facing content.

Whether writing about criminals, property development, engineering or eyebrow threading Sukhi has a great blend of creativity and commitment (as well as a dash of cheek) to help you reach your content goals.

Ska Content has the privilege of working with some extremely talented graphic designers, website designers and photographers and is always connecting the dots between businesses and their creative needs.


Website Content

A concise message, clear tone and exceptional content are the foundations of any good website. Ska Content will work with you to learn about your target audience and create copy they want to read. Our content is SEO friendly, so if you like a keyword or two let us know.

Copywriting, editing and proofreading

Online content is pivotal but we’re a bit old fashioned and like to put pen to paper as often as possible. We help create professional, understandable and informative offline content through newsletters, white papers, brochures and leaflets. We will also proofread or copy edit important documents (including bids) to ensure face-to-face clients receive your best quality work.


Blogging is Ska Content’s secret word weapon. With posts featured on Mumsnet, Huffington Post and various business outlets, we create engaging and SEO-rich blogs for which can be shared on your social media profiles, in newsletters and wherever else you see fit. Our blogs will increase traffic to your site and boost your conversion rates. Sukhi, our lead copywriter, is a prolific blogger and can help you craft the perfect tone and message.

Social media profiles

These days everyone is a social media addict and often have multiple accounts. But managing different profiles and engaging the right audience can be difficult and time consuming. We set up and manage accounts for you taking the tension out of your tweeting.

Direct mail

Building a healthy email database is an important part of any marketing strategy. Customers need to know what you’re offering and when, but if your emails or sales letters don’t capture their imagination, you might be losing valuable clicks. We provide sales copy that shouts about how great you are, gives your customer that little push and boosts your brand.